Just a small clarification on the last post concerning Vincent:

- The current distribution actually requires an XScale processor (because it uses Intel GPP library). A patch for supporting ARM in general is checked in, but not part of the DLLs that are available for download (i.e. you would have to compile the source).

- Vincent DOES of course run on non-ARM processors (e.g. in the Pocket PC or Smartphone emulator, or compiled from VS.NET for XP) because this is essential for debugging. It does so, however, only in "interpreted" mode, i.e. with a much lower performance. That means that on a Pentium 4 1.7 GHz you achieve framerates that are only slighly higher than on a PDA. For "production use", as Daniel pointed out, Vincent only supports ARM-based systems. Windows Mobile (Smartphone, Pocket PC), Symbian Phones, and recent Palm OS based devices are all using ARM (heck, these folks have an outstanding market penetration).

Good luck with your efforts,

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