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Thread: Puzzling question about glBindTexture

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    Puzzling question about glBindTexture

    Hi buddy,

    With OGL_ES spec:
    (You can reference following website

    glBindTexture(GLenum target, GLuint texture)

    texture = 0 is reserved to represent the default texture for each texture target.

    What does this means? default texture??

    For OGL, we use texture = 0 to deactivate
    texture. But for OGL_ES, how do we do...

    Thanks so much!
    I believe I can fly......

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    Re: Puzzling question about glBindTexture

    The semantic for glBindTexture(target, 0) is the same in OpenGL: it will bind the default texture object (and DOES NOT deactivate texture mapping).

    Marco Di Benedetto

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    Re: Puzzling question about glBindTexture

    Just to be clear..

    glBindTexture(target, 0)

    will bind the default texture, but if you have not specified any data for the default texture (by calling glTexImage2D), then the texture will be incomplete and will therefore switch off texturing on that texture unit.

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