I'v trace the codes of OpenGL|es 1.0 sample and found that although it has fixed function like translatex() ...,but actually when fixed-point value pass to the function, the value conver back to float to count,as follow:

glScalex(GLfixed x, GLfixed y, GLfixed z) {
__gl_matrixf_t m;

//__GL_X_2_F mean fixed to float
__M(0,0) = __GL_X_2_F(x); //here!
__M(1,1) = __GL_X_2_F(y); //here!
__M(2,2) = __GL_X_2_F(z); //here!

so ? since OpenGL|ES is support fixed-point why it happened ? Where can I find the real OpenGL|es which support fixed-point?
Thank for your attention...thank you very much!