So I've just downloaded, installed and played with the new nVidia Handheld SDK, and I'm forced to ask... what's the point?

The big feature seems to be an AppWizard for Visual Studio.NET 2003, that produces a sample VC++ app. The sample app runs in a GLUT-style window on the desktop machine.

That's nice... but Visual Studio doesn't produce executables that run on a handheld - at least not with VC++. You can do so with C# or VB.NET, but the wizard doesn't produce apps of that flavor - just VC++.

There is no integration (that I've seen) w/ eVC3 or eVC4, so there's no way to produce an actual .exe in C++.

In addition, the code produced by the wizard contains a number of nVidia-specific calls - egl functions w/ an 'NV' suffix. So code developed with this system will not be directly portable.

I'm probably missing something here, but if not, this seems to be a waste of time.