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Thread: help! to obtain current viewport, GL_VIEWPORT not recognized

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    help! to obtain current viewport, GL_VIEWPORT not recognized


    I have an interface where I'm scrolling across a bunch of squares. When a user clicks a button, I need to draw a selection box around the central square.

    For this, I need the current screen coordinates. In order to get that I try using the command,

    GLint viewport[4];
    glGetIntegerv(GL_VIEWPORT, viewport);

    However, on compiling it says GL_VIEWPORT not recognized. Any help would be appreciated...

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    Compare the "asscoiated gets" section of this:

    to this:

    As you can see, OpenGL ES does not support querying the current viewport. If your app has set a viewport though it can remember it for later use, you don't need to query?

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