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Thread: gluQuadric + memory problems

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    gluQuadric + memory problems

    I am building a representation of a hand using basic quadric objects (spheres + cylinders) with controlled rotations at joints etc. I am keeping everything simple, but after a number of movement my machine slows down (350Mhz, 128M, TNT2) and it kills a friends machine. Is this a memory problem? Do I need to destroy the display lists, am I filling up a stack somehow? Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: gluQuadric + memory problems

    Are you running from VC++? Ive had a similar problem, but have been unable to resolve it, try running your executable, rather than from your compiler and see if the same problem occurs...

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    Re: gluQuadric + memory problems

    This might be due to a memory leak.
    When the leak gets to big, you're stack is being filled with crap at about ten megs a second. Check any malloc or calloc calls that occur in a loop or something and aren't being freed, if you can't find anything, then it could be GL's fault. If you are running a debug build in VC, try running a release build and see if it still occurs.

    Mike The Spike

    PS. I had the same problem with Direct 3D where an execute buffer (vertex list) was being duplicated in a loop and never freed.

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