I was a bit disheartened when I couldn't compile OpenML out of the box on Gcc. I used the latest version under both MinGW+Msys and a full Cygwin installation. I figured it may be possible to "trick" OpenML to compile for it's Linux settings using Cygwin, but then I thought it would have been better to just change the code so it compiles cleanly with Gcc

I was a little curious about the licensing issues involved in this. I've swam in the sources a little already and it looks like it may take a bit of work to make it Gcc able. Don't get me wrong, I want to do it, but I want to do it so that I can redistribute the changes when I'm done. Will I be able to do this with OpenML's current license? What is the license anyway... I should have looked at that already.

And while I'm in the forum I should mention that I've been reading some of the communities comments on an OpenAL implementation over top of the ML API. I've actually been trying something like already and would be more than interested in spearheading such a project if others want to get involved. Some of the code is already written and posted on my site (although it's still VERY much in alpha). The only reason I haven't been working on it yet is because of aformentioned issues with Gcc compilation.

Seriously, anyone interested should contact me right away.