There's something I stumbled over while testing some gradients:

The gradients inherit the transform of the objects they are applied to. That makes perfect sense for me. In the spec this is only defined for the pathes, but ok - it makes sense to do the same for images as well.

However, the spec clearly states that paint transforms are affine only, and image transforms might be projective.

Now if I apply a gradient paint on a image drawn with perspective projection I don't know what results to expect. The reference implementation draws something, but it's hard to find out/guess how exactly the gradient should be drawn.


  • Do we have to mimic the behaviour of the reference implementation for this special case? After all it's not defined in the spec.
  • If so - how exactly should the gradient sampling work? Do we really have to sample the gradient projective?
  • If we have to sample the gradient affine, how should we get rid of the projective transform?[/*:meh44fix]

Hope someone can help me with these issues. After all - there's little to none traffic on this board..

Nils Pipenbrinck