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Thread: List of Platforms/OS support

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    List of Platforms/OS support

    Hi, does anyone know the list of Platforms supported by each OpenGL ES implementations?

    For example, I want to start focusing my developments for Windows Mobile platform so I wonder which implementation support Windows Mobiles 2003, 2003SE and 5.0? Does the support also depends on the PocketPC Hardware capabilities (with or without graphics chipset, MMX instructions, etc...) ?

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    You can find the info for Hybrid's implementation here:

    - HM

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    Hybrid just presents a list of supported devices and not a real list of supported OS. Does that mean that not all devices which have the same OS as listed can not work with Hybrid implementation ?

    For example, here, does PPC2003SE is supported ? It's not really clear... How can we make development in a commercial way without knowing the entire list of supported platform/OS/device ?

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