A couple questions regarding the config structures in the IVCommon domain of the OpenMAX IL: (Section 4.2, page 211)

1. Is there a standard order for the operations controlled by the IVCommon config structures (e.g. crop, rotate, scale, mirror, etc.)? Depending on what order these are performed in, the dimensions of buffers needed can be different.

2. What is the typical behavior of the combination of a crop and output position? Here's an example:
input port resolution is 320 x 240
crop rectangle: nLeft = 20, nTop = 30, nWidth = 300, nHeight = 200
ouput position: nX = 0, nY = 0
Should the output rectangle (cropped) be positioned at (0,0) or (20, 30)? If we wanted to put the output at (0,0), would we have to specify an output position of (-20, -30)?
In other words, is the offset specified by the output position measured from the top-left corner of the port or the top-left corner of the crop rectangle?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!