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Thread: OES_shader_source and OES_shader_binary

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    OES_shader_source and OES_shader_binary

    In specifications of OpenGL ES 2.0 Version 1.06, it explained OES_shader_source and OES_shader_binary.

    However, the string of OES_shader_source and OES_shader_binary disappeared from specifications of OpenGL ES 2.0 Version 1.19.

    Where did the specification of OES_shader_source and OES_shader_binary move?
    ("Khronos OpenGL ES API Registry" It is not. )

    Are neither OES_shader_source nor OES_shader_binary used now?

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    Both glShaderSource and glShaderBinary entry points are part of the core specification now, but only one of them has to be supported.

    You should query the values GL_SHADER_COMPILER, GL_NUM_SHADER_BINARY_FORMATS, and GL_SHADER_BINARY_FORMATS to find out what is supported.
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    Re: OES_shader_source and OES_shader_binary

    The doubt was solved.

    For instance,

    If SHADER_COMPILER is true, the source can be loaded.
    the binary can be loaded.


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