For Draw GDI Text in OpenGLES, I used eglCopyBuffer.

Process sequence is like that...
1. CreatePbufferSurface().
2. Make a Bitmap.
3. After 3D Rendering at PBuffer, Copy PBuffer to Bitmap using eglCopyBuffer().
3. and GDI Draw(like drawText() function) to Bitmap.
4. last, Bitblt Bitmap to Display.

I think PBuffer data exists in video memory.
When eglCopyBuffer() is called, I guess pBuffer will move to bitmap of main memory.
I guess that It's have a delay of the data process as long as eglCopyBuffer() be called.
Approximately, 800*480 will copy.
What do you think about that??

So I thought glDrawTexOES(). change bitmap to texture.
What is more good idea??