If you have feedback on the OpenKODE 1.0 Specifications, please create a Bugzilla account and submit a bug against the "Specification" component of the OpenKODE "Product". You can use this link, which has some fields already filled in.

If you are submitting a bug against another Khronos API such as EGL, OpenGL ES, or OpenVG, please use the corresponding Bugzilla product and component "Specification".

Your feedback will be routed to the OpenKODE Working Group and we will take the appropriate action(s) and respond on Bugzilla (note that it sometimes takes quite a while to figure out what the appropriate action(s) are, so the response may not be immediate). Thanks for your help!

(edit 2008/03/31 - update to refer to OpenKODE 1.0 instead of Provisional, update bug template)