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Thread: EGL_BAD_ALLOC error in Windows Vista

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    EGL_BAD_ALLOC error in Windows Vista

    I am using PowerVR opengles 1.1 libraries.

    My OpenGLES initialized code works well in Windows XP.

    But, It has EGL_BAD_ALLOC error, doing create context in Windows
    Vista system.

    Can I use it in Vista?

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    Please provide more information:
    - What graphics card (and driver version) are you using in the Vista system?
    - Which PowerVR SDK version are you using?
    - What are the EGLConfig attributes you are requesting?

    In this case EGL_BAD_ALLOC indicates that the initialization of the host OpenGL context failed. There is no particular reason why it shouldn't work on Vista, though.
    Georg Kolling, Imagination Technologies
    Please ask questions specific to PowerVR hardware or SDKs on the PowerVR Insider Forum |

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