hello there,

few questions...

1.) Khronos OpenKODE Coding Contest

>>"When & Where Does This All Take Place? The contest begins on March 26, 2007, and the last entry must be submitted Before the end of July (date TBA), and the prizes awarded at SIGGRAPH 2007 http://codingcompetition.com/kode-busters/ "

even tho the contest will end in a few moths the page still seem to be *under construction* and it does not say where and how to submit the entry?

2.) http://colladacontest.com/ - broken link too?

3.) http://www.khronos.org/devu/opengles_ch ... tarted.htm

apparently there were some downloads there for Linux to "get you started" and since this link does not exist anymore any info about "getting" OpenGL ES or OpenKODE work with Linux would be very welcome


Miniature, Linux based OpenGL development system