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Thread: Retrieve OpenglES video buffer address...

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    Retrieve OpenglES video buffer address...

    Anyone knows if it is possible to get the address of the openGL video buffer...
    For example, I'd want to make a clear screen copying an image on the OpenglES buffer, then render some polygons and then swap the buffers...


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    In general this is not possible. Try submitting the image as a texture and use it to render a textured full-screen quad.

    EGL pixmap surfaces, which are just wrappers around a bitmap type from a native 2D API, can be accessed through that native API. But pixmaps are off-screen buffers and are often not supported.
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    Thanks Xmas...
    It is as I supposed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorenzo
    Thanks Xmas...
    It is as I supposed...
    Accompanying OpenKODE 1.0 will be an EGL extension to map the color buffer of a surface to user space: EGL_KHR_lock_surface. In cases where video memory is directly readable/writeable from user space (and where the implementers are very brave and not overly concerned about the stability or security of their system), it is possible that the map operation will give you a pointer directly into video memory, although in general the map/unmap operation will involve copies.

    This spec is provisional and it will change before OpenKODE 1.0 final is released. But it gives you a flavour of what's coming.
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