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Thread: no float.h when i build OpenVG reference code

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    no float.h when i build OpenVG reference code

    dear all:
    i don't have float.h when i build OpenVG reference code?
    there are no this include file in OpenVG reference package,
    how can i get it?

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    float.h is a C standard library header, it should be part of your compiler package. What compiler are you using?
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    hi Xmas
    i use Visual C++6.0

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    hi Xmas:
    i know what happen.
    the "Ignore standard include paths" was enable.
    i disable it so it OK now.

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    hi Xmax:
    VG reference need OpenGL version glut.h, glu.h or OpenGL ES version glut.h, glu.h?

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    hi Xmax:
    another header file : glext.h?

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    hi Xmas:
    i have silve the build issue, thanks.

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