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Thread: Selecting DLLs for 98 and NT4

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    Selecting DLLs for 98 and NT4

    I have an app that I need to run under 9x and NT4 (and eventually 2K too).

    I have been developing and compiling against opengl32.dll on NT4. Performance is ok.

    I want to run it on 9x well, but at the moment it runs like a dog. I tried copying opengl32 to the 98 machine and renaming to opengl (as one suggestion) but I get an missing function error.

    What is the 'recommended' or best way to have a single exe for 9x and NT, and to achieve best performance.


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    Re: Selecting DLLs for 98 and NT4

    Your app should work on any windows as long as you have the right driver for each win os. (In theory anyway

    What video card do you got?. Go to the manufacters homepage or glsetup and download drivers for win 9x.


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