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Thread: Khronos OpenKODE Coding Contest

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    Khronos OpenKODE Coding Contest

    hello there,

    few questions...

    1.) Khronos OpenKODE Coding Contest

    >>"When & Where Does This All Take Place? The contest begins on March 26, 2007, and the last entry must be submitted Before the end of July (date TBA), and the prizes awarded at SIGGRAPH 2007 "

    even tho the contest will end in a few moths the page still seem to be *under construction* and it does not say where and how to submit the entry?

    2.) - broken link too?

    3.) ... tarted.htm

    apparently there were some downloads there for Linux to "get you started" and since this link does not exist anymore any info about "getting" OpenGL ES or OpenKODE work with Linux would be very welcome


    Miniature, Linux based OpenGL development system

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    When posting to the forums, please do not cross post your questions. Although sometimes it might take a day or two to get an answer, you will get one. Also, please note that since it is a holiday in the US it might take an extra day to get the answer.

    I have pinged those who can respond to your questions regarding the OpenKODE contest.

    Thank you for your patience.

    PS: I fixed the DNS for the site so it will resolve correctly within the next couple of hours. Apologies for that

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    thank you

    it just seemed that not too many people will read it in here so i posted it where is more crowded, didnt think it matters.. cheers

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    ok here is for collada, i'll paste it here in case page goes off-line

    So you think you know COLLADA? The Khronos Group invites you show off your skills in the first COLLADA “Create The Best Conditioner” Contest!
    How To Enter

    Participants must write one or more conditioners for the COLLADA Refinery. Example entries are:

    * An importer conditioner (load .3ds, .obj, .x3d, .vrml, cad, terrain )
    * An exporter conditioner (to a game engine, or other formats .3ds, .obj, .x3d)
    * Data processing for content pipeline (processing of geometry, optimization, conversion)
    * Debugging and monitoring tools (statistics, diff tool)
    * Automatic LOD generation - takes a geometry and creates a specified number of LOD geometries with names like (GeometryID)_LOD_1

    How To Win

    The winner will deliver their resulting COLLADA Conditioner in open source, using the MIT license (the same that was just adopted by Khronos for all its documentation). Documentation is required for the entry to be valid.
    When & Where Does This All Take Place?

    The contest begins March 7, 2007 at GDC in San Francisco, ends in July (date TBA), and the prizes awarded at SIGGRAPH 2007.

    To suport the launch of this great contest, the the COLLADA work group has set up a special “COLLADA CONTEST” Stand 6A on the Khronos GDC Booth #160 for an in depth explanation of what the contest is all about.

    And don’t miss the fun when Khronos throws a big party Wed Mar 7th at 4:3- PM at GDC to award the “Honorary Chairman of the OpenKEG Work Group” - for the Game Developer Conference’s MGIH Winner.

    We’re just getting started on our prize list, so check back often! The grand prize winner at SIGGRAPH will receive:

    * Airfare to San Diego for SIGGRAPH and 4 nights accomodation.
    * A Playstation 3 and PS3 games
    * Honorary Chairmanship of the “PINA COLLADA” Workgroup until next winner is awarded at Siggraph 2007
    * Honorary Toastmaster at the BIG COLLADA Social at SIGGRAPH (must be over 21 to handle alcohol)

    Prizes for runners-up include:

    * COLLADA books from AK Peters
    * A black silk Khronos bowling shirt
    * Winners name, story, and demo clip on the web site

    All winners will receive a “COLLADA Golden Pineapple VIP” Beer Stein:

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