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Thread: how to query palette matrix

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    how to query palette matrix

    hi all:
    the value if modelview/projection/texture matrix can be query via OpenGL ES 1.1 API, but how to query pelette matrix?

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    I've never used matrix palettes myself, but the spec sais:

    Should the matrix palette be gettable?

    Yes, CurrentPaletteMatrixARB() and GetIntegerv(CURRENT_PALETTE_MATRIX_ARB, *data) define which matrix in the palette is returned by GetFloatv(MATRIX_PALETTE_ARB, *data). ... alette.txt

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    hi Nils:
    thanks for your reply.

    i have check the OpenGL ES 1.x extension and find :

    "should the matrix palette be gettable?"


    it' seems for OpenGL ES 1.x application program may not query palette matrix.

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