When ever we want to enable scissoring in openvg, does the scissoring rectangle co-ordinate always starts with reference to the bottom-left corner(0,0 of OpenVG canvas) of the screen OR can we specify it w.r.t the current co-ordinate system.May be the following example will clarify this more.

VGPath vgPath1;
int bitField=1;
VGfloat coords[4]={0,0,25,55};
VGfloat fillColor[4]={1,0,1,1};
VGPaint myFillPaint = vgCreatePaint();
VGfloat strokeColor[4]={1.0,0.0,0.0,1.0};
vgPath1 = vgCreatePath(VG_PATH_FORMAT_STANDARD, VG_PATH_DATATYPE_F, 1.0f, 0.0f, 0, 0, (unsigned int)VG_PATH_CAPABILITY_ALL);

//set FillmyPath

vgSetParameteri(myFillPaint, VG_PAINT_TYPE, VG_PAINT_TYPE_COLOR);
vgSetParameterfv(myFillPaint, VG_PAINT_COLOR, 4, fillColor);
vgSetPaint(myFillPaint, VG_FILL_PATH);



vguRect(vgPath1, 0,0,50,50);

vgDrawPath(vgPath1, bitField);

So, the above o/p is that the rectangle with fillcolor as PINK(RGB(1,0,1,1) is drawn not at the origin(i.e bottom left corner of the screen), but the ractangle gets drawn with the origin getting shifted by (20,20) because of vgTranslate(20,20).

But the scissoring rectangle is still (0,0,25,55) i.e. its origin is still at the bottom left corner.My question is can i specify the scissoring rectangle to also start from (20,20).

I dont want to mention the coords as (20,20,25,55) but i want to mention is as (0,0,25,55) but my intention is this rectangle will start from the current active co-ordinate system and NOT from the bottom left corner of the screen.