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Thread: Lighting and alpha blending

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    Lighting and alpha blending

    Hi guys ! I would like to know if someone understand why my alpha blended object are not visible if GL_LIGHTING is enable....
    I'd like to have lighting on my blended object (tree billboard for example) but it seems impossible for me now...
    can someone help ?

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    Re: Lighting and alpha blending

    specify the ambient material colour using your alpha values :

    float colour[] = {0.5f,0.5f,0.5f,0.5f};

    or use glColor*() to specify the colours and use glColorMaterial to specify the ambient colour on a per vertex basis.

    Alternatively use an alpha channel in your textures.

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    Re: Lighting and alpha blending

    assuming blending is enabled and the correct blend function is used........

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