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Thread: Can I use PVRTexLib.lib in the Visual Studio 2005??

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    Can I use PVRTexLib.lib in the Visual Studio 2005??

    I tried to use the PVRTexLib.lib of POWERVR SDK in the VS2005 environment.
    I can't compile completely, because of linking error.
    Maybe, PVRTexLib.lib is compiled on single thread.
    But, VS 2005 not support single thread. It's just my guess.

    Can I use PVRTexLib.lib in the VS 2005 clearly?

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    This is a general OpenGL ES forum. Please direct any questions that are specific to the PowerVR SDK to in the future.

    Unfortunately you can't use the library with VS2005 due to a change in the C++ standard library implementation. We're working on a fix.
    Georg Kolling, Imagination Technologies
    Please ask questions specific to PowerVR hardware or SDKs on the PowerVR Insider Forum |

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