I am trying to create a PocketPc application using GLUT Es and Vincent. I woulk like to ask if anyone knows what type of Visual Studio project should I create, as there are wizards using MFC, ATL , Win 32.
I tried using a MFC wizard, i deleted all other files generated by the wizard and kept only the stdafx.h and stdafx.cpp in order to keep the configuration and the architecture. I added my code in a new cpp file, added the glutes headers and library reference.
It compiles and links without errors but when i deploy it on the emulator i get a message saying that is not a valid Win32 application or just the error code 0x800700C1.
I am sure that the libGLES_CM.dll file is on the emulator and is the good version.
So, my question would be: how do you setup a Visual Studio 2005 project in order to be able to use GLUT ES?
Thank you for your answer!