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Thread: PowerVR windows emulation and poor performance on Vista

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    PowerVR windows emulation and poor performance on Vista


    I've problem with powervr emulation libraries for windows under windows vista. Whenever I run in debug mode in visual studio 2005 express my game is running about 1-2fps. But when I run same project on computer with windows xp and visual studio 2003 or windows xp and visual studio 2005 express everything is working fine. What could be wrong? All video drivers
    are up to date.

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    You "probably" figured it out. Drivers.

    If you equate the differences you see that the only layer that is different is the OS, chances are that it is the culprit.

    The powerVR forums appear to be under works, so once they are up go there, and ask.

    Code :
    Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0126'
    Include file not found
    /forum/includes/footer.asp, line 5
    The include file '../../powervr/insider/insidersidebar-right.asp' was not found.

    is all i get for now.

    BTW, love the new powerVR developer website, it looks nicer and more organized

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    Just to say the PowerVR developer forums are now working at:

    If you're still having trouble with our PC emulation please post there and we'll try to help you with it.
    Developer Technology Engineer, PowerVR
    Please ask questions specific to PowerVR hardware or SDKs on the PowerVR Insider Forum at

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