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Thread: Recompiling Quakeworld

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    Recompiling Quakeworld

    Is it difficult to recompile the QuakeWorld client, to want my nVidia drivers, instead of that dreaded mesa file, that I don't even have?

    I have seen some texts on the net, saying that they install the mesa, recompile the quake, and then do some other stuff to make it work, but I can't seem to get the mesa and the GLX drivers to coexist.. :-/ Seems like an ugly hack anyways, so...

    it'd be better if I just could get it to link directly to the instead of the libmesa... What do I have to do? Edit the makefile? Replace some includes...? What?

    Note that I am by no means a newbie to programming in general, just linux programming. I have been a windows-programmer for several years.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Recompiling Quakeworld

    try to make a link to

    ln -s

    I don´t know if it works but I read it in the FAQ to nvidias linux drivers

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