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Thread: Looking for Implementation. OpenGL ES

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    Looking for Implementation. OpenGL ES


    I am working as an embedded engineer for a large company in Germany.
    I am looking for OpenGL ES implementations that works under Renesas SH processor and Windows CE.

    If somebody has any experience that would like to comment or present a product, I thank you for the information.


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    Re: Looking for Implementation. OpenGL ES

    you can contact TES electronic Solution GmbH a software based OpenGL ES 1.1 renderer for multiple platforms like C64x DSP, ARm9, ARM11 cpu. Some demo video at

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    Re: Looking for Implementation. OpenGL ES

    QNX Software Systems offers hardware accelerated opengl es under QNX Neutrino on some Renesas boards. However, it's certainly not Windows CE.

    But if you're interested in taking a peek:

    A list of board support packages (BSPs) we offer (which includes a wide range of Renesas boards):

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