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Thread: 3DS Max Animations & OpenGL ES

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    3DS Max Animations & OpenGL ES

    Hello Every One
    i am working as 3D Modeler/ a days i am studding iphone & OpenGL ES. so i am just exploring the OpenGL ES combination with 3DS Max Animations. i have already read alot about OPENGL ES.. like its a very powerful platform regarding 3D Graphics.. currently i am little bit confuse regarding Animation Formats which are supported by OpenGL ES..i searched alot but i didn't got any satisfying answers regrading the 3D Animation in OpenGL ES.. i would like to ask Which are the Animation Formats supported by OpenGL ES...?... like if i want to use Character for walk or run by using 3ds Max (Biped/ Motion Capturing).

    Ahmad Iftikhar

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    Re: 3DS Max Animations & OpenGL ES

    OpenGL ES doesn't support any specific animation formats. It's up to the application to implement animation on top of OpenGL ES.
    Georg Kolling, Imagination Technologies
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