I've a scenario where I need to combine native pixmap and EGL Pixmap surface.

I'm planning to use QTPixmap as native pixmap. And in Vincent library I'm planning to implement eglCreatePixmapSurface() API. Has anyone tried this before?

The goal is to combine contents of native QTPixmap and EGL Pixmap surface to one single surface and then render it.

In EGL,I could find the API eglCopyBuffers(), which would copy color buffer to nativePixmap.

But I was thinking of defining a custom API that could do reverse operation i.e copy from nativepixmap to EGL Pixmap surface and then finally combine all EGL Pixmap surfaces to single EGL Pixmap surface and then render it to display window.

Could any one tell me which is the best approach?

option 1. Convert all surafce to native pixmap and then render it.
option2 . Convert all surface s to EGL Pixmpa surface and then render it.

Is there any other better approach to combine nativePixmap and EGL Pixmap.