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Thread: Misprint in APIs on EngineItf

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    Misprint in APIs on EngineItf

    On page number 152 of OpenMaxAL doc, the heading of API is misprinted. It should be QueryNumSupportedInterfaces(), not QueryNumberSupportedInterfaces().

    On page number 153, in parameters list of QuerySupportedInterfaces(), for objecteID it is mentioned that if engine does not support the identified object this method will return XA_RESULT_NOT_SUPPORTED. This return type is not in the XA_RESULT macro. It should be XA_RESULT_FEATURE_UNSUPPORTED as given in QueryNumSupportedInterfaces().

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    Re: Misprint in APIs on EngineItf

    Thank you for your comments! We will fix these for the final release.

    Matti Paavola, Nokia
    OpenMAX AL Chair

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