When this API is called the first time, it will return the number of profiles in a given decoder (say 3 for MP3 decoder). If the MP3 decoder supports all four levels as given on page 362 of 1.0 specs, how many times should call this API(3 times for all the profiles) to get all the levels. The structure that is returned as per page 338 of specs has only a 32-bit integer for the mode. And the modes are not orthogonal also. In one call this API for a given profile, can i get all the levels supported. Or in this case should call this API 12 times to get all levels supported on all 3 profiles. Though it is mentioned on page 67 of specs that pProfileLevel is a pointer to an array of profile and levels supported, how can i know the end of the array if the number of levels supported are less than the maximum.