Hi All,

I'm trying to display some OpenVG stuff on an X-window. The X window gets created, but for some reason the output remains black.
I can successfully clear the screen which causes the background color to change; but as soon as I try to draw anything (even a small line) the entire screen turns black. Could anybody help me understand what may be causing this behaviour?

I'm trying to use the ShivaVG software implementation for OpenVG, along with the Mesa3D library for OpenGL and an EGL implementation for GLX.
One important point is that if I make only OpenGL calls in my application, the output is seen successfully in the X window.

I have set the "EGL_RENDERABLE_TYPE" attribute to "EGL_OPENVG_BIT" when choosing the config.
Also, I have called the "vgCreateContextSH" api in the beginning as required by ShivaVG.

Any help anybody can give will be much appreciated.

- Googie