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Thread: About Open Max AL

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    About Open Max AL

    Dear Friends,

    I am very new to this Open Max .I am bit confused about OpenMax i.e. according to my understanding, if I want to write an application say video steaming application across the platforms, then I have to use the Open Max AL library right?
    If my understanding is correct then we will get an Open Max AL right.
    I want to know from where we will get it or we need to pay or how we can get it please tell us.
    or if I am wroung then tell us more clearly about what is OpenMax AL and
    OpenMax IL .

    Thnaks & Regards,

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    Re: About Open Max AL


    Yes, OpenMAX AL is meant for media application developers. However, the final version of OpenMAX AL 1.0 hasn't been released yet. Therefore, no implementations of OpenMAX AL exists at the moment. We are looking forward to release final OpenMAX AL 1.0 this summer.

    The provisional version of OpenMAX AL can be downloaded from .

    Matti Paavola
    OpenMAX AL Chair
    Matti Paavola, Nokia
    OpenMAX AL Chair

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    Re: About Open Max AL

    Thank you Matti, I love OpenMAX

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