There are two application?launcher.exe ,photo.exe
In the launcher.exe ,there is a Function "InitOpenGLES"
In the photo.exe,there also is a Function "InitOpenGLES"
two InitOpenGLES are the same ,just as follow:

bool InitOpenGLES ( HWND hWnd )
EGLConfig configs[10];
EGLint matchingConfigs;
const EGLint configAttribs[] =
g_hWnd= hWnd;
g_hDC = GetWindowDC(hWnd);
glesDisplay = eglGetDisplay(g_hDC); //Ask for an available display
if(!eglInitialize(glesDisplay, NULL, NULL)) return false;
if(!eglChooseConfig(glesDisplay, configAttribs, &configs[0], 10, &matchingConfigs)) return false;
//If there isn't any configuration enough good
if (matchingConfigs < 1) return false;
glesSurface = eglCreateWindowSurface(glesDisplay, configs[0], hWnd, configAttribs);
if(!glesSurface) return false;
// Let's create our rendering context
//Now we will activate the context for rendering
eglMakeCurrent(glesDisplay, glesSurface, glesSurface, glesContext);
return true;
my question:
When in the launcher.exe it creates a process to call photo.exe,the program will stop at this line "eglCreateWindowSurface" which belong to photo.exe.There is no error info,no return,just stop there.The application photo.exe has no problem,because it runs well individually. Maybe the two InitOpenGLES can not run at the same time.But I am no idea how to solve the question.
anyone can help me?who can tell me how two processes can work well using opengles at the same time?
thanks a lot