Dear Friends,

I am confused about whether compoent's OMX_AllocateBuffer should be called in non-tunneled.

In IL 1.2 spec:
For a port connected to the IL client, the IL client may allocate the buffers itself and then pass them to the port via an OMX_UseBuffer call on the port, or it may direct the port to perform the allocation via an OMX_AllocateBuffer call on the port. For each port, the IL client shall exclusively use OMX_UseBuffer or OMX_AllocateBuffer.

How IL client to decied it should allocate the buffers itself or it should use compenent's OMX_AllocateBuffer? Is OMX_AllocateBuffer should be supported by all component? Is any component like video decoder which just just want it reuse the buffer from other components(like demuxer and video sink) or client?