So I've got OpenVG (via ShivaVG) rendering the SVG tiger IF I use the float[] arrays it defines. However, I wrote a simple SVG loader (loads in only paths and only move to and cubic curves) and if I pass my float pointer (float *blah = new[dataCount] , it just hangs the application in vgAppendPathData.

(Edit: I've verified that my data is valid several times, including putting it into a compile time array. Additionally, the vgGetError() function returns VG_NO_ERROR after creating and appending the path)

The reference also uses a compile time array, so it's no help. I was planning on cleaning up my load function and releasing what I have (at the very least as a working example of getting ShivaVG set up with SDL, not that that was terribly difficult), but this issue has me stuck. So whoever helps me will be the first to see the code