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Thread: Where is EGL_NO_IMAGE_KHR defined?

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    Where is EGL_NO_IMAGE_KHR defined?

    EGL_NO_IMAGE_KHR is an external const: "extern const EGLImageKHR EGL_NO_IMAGE_KHR;"

    If I want to use EGL_NO_IMAGE_KHR in my code, to check the return value of eglCreateImageKHR(..), how would I do it?

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    Re: Where is EGL_NO_IMAGE_KHR defined?

    This is a bug in the eglext.h file. The line should be changed to:

    #define EGL_NO_IMAGE_KHR ((EGLImageKHR)0)

    This will be done in a (hopefully soon) update to the eglext.h on the khronos website, but for now you can just change the local copy of your eglext.h file.
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    Re: Where is EGL_NO_IMAGE_KHR defined?

    eglext.h was updated to #define EGL_NO_IMAGE_KHR several weeks ago.
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