I'm new to programming and have been looking for a 2D graphics API to use as a potential alternative to using Microsoft's GDI+. So I have a few questions for those of you experienced with OpenVG.

Firstly, is the OpenVG API as available for download from the Khronos website a useable API for general use? Or is the current version not really suitable for 'in-the-field' use, instead being an early outline to establish standards for implementations to conform to?

I'm also trying to determine whether OpenVG would provide better performance than GDI+ when rendering in software mode. Basically my interests in OpenVG is as an alternative 2D software rendering API for creating Avionics gauge add-ons within Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX from here on). The FSX SDK that allows fans to create add-on gauges does not provide for any surfaces in video memory to render to. The FSX engine ultimately uses a drawing surface in system memory to draw gauge graphics, hence my desire to figure mout whether OpenVG, even if rendering via software, is fast enough to outshine GDI+.

Is anyone out there familiar with GDI+ and OpenVG to the point where they can offer insight into comparative performance?


- Seef