Hi All,

I am very new to opengl es as i used to program in opengl earlier.

so need answers to few of very basic opengl es related questions as follows :

1. Is opengl es just a stripped down version of corresponding opengl version (like opengl es 1.1 ~ opengl 1.5 ) or there can be more additions to this statement/distinction??

2. Are the internal function calls of opengl es similar to opengl ?

3. can i run opengl es on VS 2005 on x86 based machine by simply including EGL related files (all the libraries and egl header files)? because my p4 machine runs opengl programs if i include glut file(libs, and .h) and according to my understanding EGL is similar to opengl es as glut is to opengl? Am i right?

4. or do i need some emulator to run the code on my x86 machine?

Please help me out from these basic setup questions

Thanks in advance,