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Thread: XAVolumeItf missing in MediaPlayer?

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    XAVolumeItf missing in MediaPlayer?

    The table in appendix D mandates the XAVolumeItf for MediaPlayer objects and OutputMix objects. In the use-case diagrams in section 4.8.1 the MediaPlayer object also exposes this interface. In section 7.4 however, the XAVolumeItf interface is missing in the list of mandated interfaces, so which one is correct?

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    Re: XAVolumeItf missing in MediaPlayer?

    Thanks for your feedback!

    XAVolumeItf is a mandated interface on Media Player for media containing audio. Section 7.4 will be corrected to reflect that in the AL 1.0 final release this summer.

    Matti Paavola, Nokia
    OpenMAX AL Chair

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