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Thread: beginner to openGL-ES.. few queries...

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    beginner to openGL-ES.. few queries...

    Hi All,

    I am a beginner to OpenGL-ES. So i have few queries regarding the same.
    - Is OpenGL-ES a open source? if yes where can i get the source code for the same?
    - Actually we are planning an activity of optimizing the OpenGL-ES, So i don't know how feasible this task is. can you comment on the same?
    - If we go for Hardware acceleration for OpneGL-ES, generally what type of hardware acceleration we can have? I know it will be platform dependent. Still what are the generally used hardware acceleration concepts?

    can anybody please resolve my queries... Thanks in advance.

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    Re: beginner to openGL-ES.. few queries...

    OpenGL ES is just an interface specification. How it is implemented is dependent on the hardware and platform you're targeting.

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