Hi friends:

I am wrapping up OpenVG provided path fuctions to implement a generic Path Class which supports funtions like beginPath,closePath, moveTo, lineTo , arcTo, arc, bezierTo.. etc. most of the memeber functions share the same prototypes as defined in the html5.0 canvas protocol.

For some of them ,i only need to use vgAppendToPath to append the new segments and coordinates to the existing vgPath . but sometimes , i have to use the information of the pointes already in the path with the newly added coordinates to make some calculations., for eg. arcTo.

are there any cool ways to get points information from a vgPath handle which can achieve some similar effects like getLastPoint, getPointArray, getSegmentArray?

if not ,the only way i can do seems to be maintaining one or two arrays by myself. however,problem is the newly added points' coordinates can probably be changed by vgTransformpath, then i should synchronously transform the maintained points array by myself too. its really awkward and ineffective.

thanks for your suggestions .^_^