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Thread: Sharing surfaces across processes

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    Sharing surfaces across processes

    We are re-architecting our system to use EGL instead of BCL. One thing that is required is multiple process surface sharing. I don't see how to do this looking at the egl spec (1.4 April 8th 2009). Is there a way that I don't see? -- Can we implement this as an extension to surface types?


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    Re: Sharing surfaces across processes

    I'm just curious, what's the use case for this?

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    Re: Sharing surfaces across processes

    Quote Originally Posted by niallm
    I'm just curious, what's the use case for this?
    One recent case is this:
    Two processes:
    Process 1) main system using 1 OpenGL-ES-2.0 context, and 1 2D context
    -This system does some fancy animations etc. It has a scene graph and one special type of node is using a surface that is shared with process 2. Process 2 writes to the surface, and 1 renders it into the scenegraph.

    Process 2) is a widget engine. It downloads things from the internet, and is generally not trusted. It renders its widgets to a shared surface which is rendered in the 3D scene by process 1).

    Right now we are re-architecting the system. On of the things to do is to use more "open" standards. EGL is maybe not more open, but it is at least more "alive"


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