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Thread: Undefined buffer object location ?

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    Undefined buffer object location ?

    Considering the next setup:
    - an OpenCL context created on 2 devices.
    - creating a buffer object on the context.

    On which device the buffer was created ?
    The clCreateBuffer () associates the buffer with the context but does not define the device.

    Am I missing something ?

    thanks !

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    Re: Undefined buffer object location ?

    The buffer is allocated on both devices and OpenCL provides a guranteee that the memory between the two devices is consistent. For example, given a context that has two assocated devices, with command queues cmd1 and cmd2, respectively, then the following is valid:

    cl_int in_data = 0x20;
    cl_int out_data = 0x0;
    cl_event event1, event2;
    cl_mem buffer = clCreateBuffer(context, CL_MEM_READ_WRITE, sizeof(cl_int), NULL, NULL);

    clEnqueueWrite(cmd1, buffer, CL_FALSE, 0, sizeof(cl_int), &in_data, 0, NULL, &event1);


    clEnqueueRead(cmd2, buffer, CL_FALSE, 0, size(cl_int), &out_data, 1, &event1, &event2);

    clWaitForEvents(1, &event2);

    At this point the expression (out_data == in_data) will evaluate to true. The key point to note is that we preformed a write on cmd1 and a read on cmd2. More detail on why this works can be found in Appendix A of the 1.0 specification.

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    Re: Undefined buffer object location ?

    Thank you for your response, it clarified my question !

    Can we expect that in the future GPUs the synchronization will be made using PCIe point to point transfer ?


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    Re: Undefined buffer object location ?

    PCIe point-to-point transfers are a performance optimization that would certainly be appealing, but it's up to the individual vendors to implement this, so it will depend on whose OpenCL you are using.

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