Hi all

I've got a new Symbian phone (Samsung i8910) based on S60 5th Edition. It uses an OMAP 3-something with the SGX hardware, and definitely supports Open GL ES, and I thought the hardware also supported OpenVG. Is it possible to use OpenVG under symbian?

The SDKs are generally old and a bit rubbish. There is a libopenvg available for linking to, but the egl headers in the latest SDK are only version 1.1. Doing eglQueryString(..., EGL_VERSION) showed the phone has egl 1.4. I hacked around the reference headers for a more recent egl so a could compile eglQueryString(..., EGL_CLIENT_APIS) which worked, but only returned "OpenGL_ES". However I'm not sure if that's just down to my hackery and if it is possible to install something to the phone to enable OpenVG?

OpenVG is mentioned in the nokia docs:
http://www.forum.nokia.com/infocenter/i ... vg_8h.html

The header files there were nowhere to be found in the SDK, so again I hacked the files together from the "go to the source code" links from the documentation pages.

If anyone has had success with OpenVG on a symbian device, let me know please!