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Thread: Two small problems in Appendix D.3

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    Two small problems in Appendix D.3


    In the first line of the body of the kernel for appendix D.3 there is an extra ')' which causes it not to compile.

    Also lsize is defined and then systematically ignored!


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    Re: Two small problems in Appendix D.3

    There is no link in this post Please show link.
    May be its my internet problem Please check your post and let me know about this problem.

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    Re: Two small problems in Appendix D.3

    awoodland, what version of the OpenCL spec are you referring to? I'm looking at version 1.1 revision 36 and don't see any issue in Appendix D ("OpenCL C++ Wrapper API") or any instance of the word "lsize" in the spec.
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