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Thread: loading prebuilt .3ds model into opengles program

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    loading prebuilt .3ds model into opengles program

    i am very new to importing of prebuilt 3d models into opengles programs (.3ds type of models particularly) so i need help for loading the model and rendering it basically i require a 3ds file loader. so can any one provide me the link for free 3ds loader and renderer cpp file . or any nice tutorial for loading of .3ds models into opengles for dummies? i am working on VS 2005.

    if someone can help in how to make a loader function from scratch and the path on which i should move for making such loader function.

    If someone has already built .3ds loader can please share it I am working on OpenGLES1.1 so HELP!

    I am struck!

    Early response would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Re: loading prebuilt .3ds model into opengles program

    Export to OBJ and read that in.

    Here's my example in Java w/screenshots and all of that jazz - ... -opengl-es

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