Hi there, the name is Lee, and I'm currently pursuing a degree in physics. I'm in my final/senior year and am pursing a project requiring a Monte-Carlo based integration routine. I currently have an AMD Phenom II setup (the X3 720), and am currently trying to decide upon a GPU. I was opting for the 5850 for a good bang-for-buck choice - considerations were made of power consumption, throughput, the usual necessities - but after placing my order with Komplett.ie & waiting a few weeks I've been told it will be near Christmas when the card is back in stock. I was wondering if I should stick with the AMD/ATI (possibly getting a 4870 instead), or would it make much difference if I opted for the NVidia route? Would this complicate matters with compilation? I'm running Kubuntu 9.10 and Fedora 12 (as of yesterday) and as I understand NVidia has better Linux support than ATI. Any help with this matter would be appreciated.