My current WebGL-App does run fine under Firefox. Currently I'm trying to get it to run on Chrome/Webkit. For some strange reason it's just crashing the JS-Tread: ... quest.html

I have absolute no idea what's causing this. Chrome seems to have some kind of build in JS-Debugger which could be useful here. The problem is: Either it does not work or I'm to stupid to use it. Breakpoints do not have any effect? Could anyone help me trying to find the line causing the problem? (The sourcecode is generated by GoogleWebToolkit with style "PRETTY")

Actually there is NO demo I get to run with the current Chrome build I got here. In all demos I tried I got an error that function getShaderi does not exist. That's why I'm executing the following compatibility code:
Code :
if (!gl.getShaderi) {
	gl.getShaderi = gl.getShaderParameter;
if (!gl.getProgrami) {
	gl.getProgrami = gl.getProgramParameter;