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Thread: Open CL Support for Solaris

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    Open CL Support for Solaris

    I want to do Open CL based GPU computing on Solaris platform.
    My search suggests that NVIDIA and AMD GPU cards do not provide Open CL drivers for Sun Solaris.
    Even NVIDIA's CUDA platform support is not available for Solaris.

    Please provide me more details about this. Is my understanding correct? If not, please provide me appropriate details about Open CL support for GPU cards available for Solaris platform.


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    Re: Open CL Support for Solaris

    I have not heard any announcements of OpenCL support for Solaris. Your best bet is to start on a Mac/linux machine now and move over when (and if) Solaris support appears.

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    Re: Open CL Support for Solaris

    I would also like to see Solaris support but after talking with Nivida reps at GTC this year it sounds like they are not even remotely interested.

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